The website of www.zallouz.com includes the electronic store, which represents electronically the company "SLEVORI A.E." and the distinguishing title "SLEVORI", VAT Number: 801327310, Tax Office: FAE ATHINON. The activity of the company is considered Wholesale and Retail of silver goods. The company's facilities are in Peania, 15th km. Spaton Avenue.

Slevori makes every effort every day to ensure that customers are served as effectively as possible. The creation of this e-shop marks the beginning of a form of advanced communication between the company and its customers.

The website of Zallouz Jewels is intended for all internet users who wish to be informed immediately about the products offered by the company, and provides them with the possibility to make purchases via its e-shop, following a remote online order. Slevori aims to provide immediate service and satisfaction to the customer, demonstrating continued responsibility throughout its business and development and seeking to build a relationship of trust with its customers.

These conditions are fully compatible with applicable European and Greek law, while users recognize the right of the company to change the provisions of these conditions, as long as they do not concern its binding legal obligations and without affecting situations that have already taken place. The website users acknowledge that they have read these terms, agree and comply with them. We consider an obligation for our customers to always be informed, which is why we undertake to inform you about the following:



In order to make any transaction through the e-shop of www.zallouz.com and to process an order, you will be required to disclose some of your personal information. When an order is placed, you will be asked for your full name, the address at which the products will be shipped, your fixed phone number (or any other telephone number you wish), your e-mail address, and if you choose to make your payments via a debit or credit card, you might be asked for the same data through the VIVA WALLET, for your own transaction security.

Our company processes this data, in compliance with Article 7A Section of the 1 (b) N. 2472/1997, for the purpose of implementing the order made by the customer and which will in no way be disclosed, made public or sold to third parties, unless the procedure is laid down by the law concerning the removal of confidentiality (N. 2225/1994) or any obligations arising from the national implementation of Directive 24/2006.



  1.    SAFETY

 The website www.zallouz.gr uses the Piraeus Bank app, EPOS Paycenter for secure online commercial transactions. This encrypts all credit card data so that it cannot be read or changed when it is transferred via the Internet.


  1.     Customer completes shopping on e-shop www.zallouz.com
  2.     When starting with the payment process, the customer is automatically transferred to the VIVA WALLET special payment page. There, the customer is informed about the amount of their debt and enters their card details
  3.     Payment is handled securely by the VIVA WALLET, which automatically informs the business about the transaction
  4.     Customer is informed about the completion of their transaction from our e-shop
  5.     Upon completion of the transaction the customer returns to the main e-shop www.zallouz.com



 The characteristics and other elements of the products sold are available and can be obtained by following the search instructions set out on our web page and by clicking on the corresponding product name.




 An order made through the e-shop constitutes a distance selling contract regulated by the legal framework N.2251/1994, as amended. You are able to place a valid order through the e-shop, only if you are entitled to do so in compliance with the articles of the Greek Civil Code and provided that you have reached the eighteenth year of age and you are not in legal assistance in concluding a sales contract. Orders may also be placed by representatives of legal persons and the company reserves the right to obtain any orders made by the supervisor or guardian of legally incapable persons.



 Completion of a special form with the information necessary for the conclusion of the contract of sale. Unconditional acceptance of the terms of the contract of sale and the conditions of use, with the online option "ACCEPT", given to the person concerned by the website.



 To facilitate and serve all those who want to buy from our online store, www.zallouz.com has the following alternative payment methods:         

 i.        Pay as you pick up the products with the charge of an additional $3.00 for shipments within Greece.

 ii.        By charging your credit/debit card. The e-shop www.zallouz.com has taken all necessary measures to secure your transactions through your credit/debit card and all holders of credit/debit cards are subject to validation checks through the safe application of VIVA WALLET.

iii.        By depositing into a bank account and sending the copy of your bank payment and order code by e-mail to [email protected]

Through the website, the consumer shall be informed by the company about the identity and address of the supplier, the essential characteristics of the product, the price, quantity, transport costs, the method of payment, delivery, the period of validity and the price of any offer and the right of withdrawal, prior to the completion of their order. By sending the order form, the consumer receives an online copy of the order, which they can store. Prices on the relevant lists below each product include VAT (24%). Finally, www.zallouz.com reserves the right to adjust prices without the obligation to inform the consumer.

After the order is shipped through our e-shop, the customer receives an email within the next 24 hours about the process of their order.


Deliveries of products within Greece are made through ACS Courier (www.acscourier.net). The delivery time of the products shall be 1-4 business days from the date the products are received by the courier company. Shipping fee is 3.00€. Shipping is free for orders over 50€. For shipments within Greece, there is the possibility to pay at pick-up and the additional charge is 2€.

For shipping within the EU, packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via DHL network with a tracking code. Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them.




You have the right to return the whole order or part of the order, in all cases where it has been proven to be the fault of www.zallouz.com misplaced products or products of poor quality, defective (error in order delivery, invoicing, shipping, bad packaging, etc.), within 14 calendar days from the date you receive it.

It should be noted that the maximum period of refund for replacement may not be extended beyond fifteen (14) calendar days. If they are not returned within fifteen (14) calendar days, the company may refrain from accepting any return and replacement.

In any case, if you have completed the order process through the site and for some reason you have changed your mind, you can contact us before sending the order in email to [email protected] to cancel your order. If you have taken the product into your hands, you should contact us on the same or at the latest the next business day at [email protected] to return the product, intact and with the accompanying documents.

If the reason for the return relates to a mistake made by our company, Slevori undertakes to re-send a courier to the address we have been designated to receive the order at its own cost.

However, if the consumer wishes to have their order returned without the company being liable, he must send the order at the cost of the shipment to the consumer themselves. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, you are obliged to contact our company directly here. You are required to send the product in the correct condition in which it was received, i.e. without tampering with the product packaging and confirming that the special labeling of the product has not been removed. In addition, you must include the retail receipt, at the same time as the submission of a declaration of withdrawal. The refund will be accepted only with the company's approval. The money for the entire order (+ transport) will be returned within 14 days of receipt of the withdrawal request.




If you wish to return your order, it is due to be updated directly by e-mail to [email protected].

The essential condition is that the product has not been used and is in its original packaging and in the same excellent condition as the retail receipt. Note: All products returned to Slevori are subject to thorough quality control.

To avoid any inconvenience, check carefully at the time your order is delivered, the status of the products sold, and the intact packaging, to determine possible problems. If any defect is found in the quality control of the returned product, the company must contact the consumer to resolve the matter. In case you want to return the products you bought from us, the address at which the products should be sent back is: SLEVORI A.E., 15th km Spaton Avenue, 19002 Peania, Attica, Greece.


If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. poor weather conditions, strikes, etc.) we are unable to deliver the products within the prescribed time, we will inform you by e-mail to indicate whether you wish, under these circumstances, to complete your order. Slevori has no responsibility for any situation beyond its own responsibility and it will do everything humanly possible for your best service.


Amendment of the terms of this Agreement:


The e-shop www.zallouz.com reserves the right to modify or renew trading terms and conditions. The company undertakes to inform this text if any change or addition to the conditions occurs.